Brian McDaniel

frontend-leaning full stack developer

I'm a software consultant living in Richmond, VA. I have development experience up and down the software stack, from optimizing device drivers in C to matching mockups pixel-for-pixel in CSS.

Most of my work since 2013 has been remote, so I know how to work well with remote teams. I can fill many different roles on a team: tech lead, architect, developer, trainer. I have deep experience with Angular, and most of my engagements tend to involve Angular in some way.

Typical Engagements

  • laying the groundwork for a successful project and introducing the team to the best practices
  • showing teams how to get the most out of Angular
  • sometimes you need someone who can jump in and immediately start contributing - that's me
  • designing and implementing APIs, usually with Node and Postgres
  • using automation, testing, and process to decrease bug counts and increase iteration speed

If it sounds like I can help, get in touch